The Dynamic Links Difference

“Sharon was great in coaching the team in all aspects of the course and for taking sophisticated concepts and bringing them home for us. She pushed us hard in a very caring way. I felt this was my best training experience ever!”

International Data Systems

Want to learn about Lean and High Performance from those who have read the books or from those who lived and learned Lean/TPS from the best – Toyota? The DLI Team worked for Toyota and has continued to work for Toyota for over 55 combined years.

We are “different” in that we want to instill our knowledge in your leaders and organizations so you acquire Lean/High Performance knowledge and grow from this knowledge internally until it is embedded in your culture.

We believe in “real-world” learning. What you learn from us can be applied immediately. We work with your leaders using their current work challenges and conflicts to equip them with the skills to be more effective, higher performing leaders.

Research shows most new knowledge and learning is lost unless put into practice within 72 hours. We teach and coach “intentional” practice, allowing leaders to apply, improve and sustain their learning through on-the-job application.