“Sharon and Joyce are knowledgeable, experienced, and caring. Approach to learning is tough, powerful and inspiring.”

Senior Manager,

“This training is straight to the point. Real examples, tough role plays. Powerful learning.”

International Consumer Products Company

“Motivating, inspiring, powerful, thought provoking, life changing. Thank you Joyce and Sharon!”

Global Energy Company

“Joyce and Sharon are sincere and truly interested in helping and developing people.”

Transportation Company

“Information followed by example and real world application. Great learning, great experience.”


The Dynamic Links International team is constantly creating new ways to train and work with organizations and their teams. We develop new teaching tools, new delivery methods and new learning processes all the time. We are driven to create these innovations because we are a service business in a competitive industry and we must always strive to do better for our customers. When we create and facilitate business-focused, action-oriented training, leaders are able to immediately apply new insights and behaviors to their current business challenges.

Everything we do is grounded in respect for people as we strive for daily continuous improvement.

Creating a “custom program” requires a thorough development process. This development process comprises three stages: Discovery, Focus and Design. During the discovery stage, we learn everything we need to know about the organization and its culture and the needs of the learners (i.e., capability gaps etc.) During the focus stage we concentrate on the program objectives and a list of topics that will help us reach our customer’s goals, learning objectives, and the defined learning methodology. From here the DLI Team goes into the Design of the training gaining agreement with the client throughout the development process.

Each program is an innovation, created to address distinct learning needs. Each program is also changeable in that we continue to update as new objectives become important and as the organization we are partnering with requires changes.

Dynamic Links International

Of course the Discovery, Focus, and Design phases are not always required. DLI can easily customize current training materials to meet the needs your organization has already identified.