Leadership & Talent

“Top of the bill coaching. Joyce does not settle for any less than bringing the best out in people and pushing us to the next level. Joyce’s care and dare throughout the week created a secure base. She is a bright star!”

Information Technology

“Joyce is a true coach.”

Vice President,
National Oil Company

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows an eye-opening statistic: by the year 2020, a quarter of the workforce will be over the age of 55. Organizations are concerned about their leadership bench strength, as 85 percent agree that there is an urgent need to accelerate the development of their leaders. Only forty percent of senior leaders report that their high-potentials can meet future business needs. (From: UNC Leadership Survey 2014.)

Dynamic Links International specializes in leadership and talent development. DLI’s approach to High Performance Leadership and Talent is based on the neuroscience of leadership and “Playing to Win”. The concept of “Playing to Win” is based on a model of Secure Base Leadership where leaders focus on both high challenge and achieving stretch targets while at the same time focusing on creating trust and building bonds with other people. By working on these two foundational areas, it is possible to build behavior that leads to sustainable high performance. “Playing to Win” leadership works at the individual, team and organizational levels to maximize impact and learning.

A strategy for on-going leadership and talent development and succession planning is crucial for long-term organizational success. The DLI team can assist your organization in these development areas.

DLI Coaches often utilize Assessments as a starting point for development and Coaching. Reflecting on one’s behavior and having specific, current feedback from those you work with regularly is essential to correctly identifying priorities for individual development.