Human Resources and Organization Assessments

“Sharon was an outstanding coach – caring and daring. She created a very safe environment for learning and helped me reach a greater level of insight than I imagined I would.”

Head of Internal Communication,
Chemical Industry

DLI is experienced in conducting internal assessments for organizations. A periodic check by outside, unbiased “eyes” is important to ensure organizational systems are in place and effective, to fully grasp the organization’s current situation, to identify opportunities for improvement, and to validate areas believed to be best practices.

When “signals” indicate internal problems, Dynamic Links International can conduct an internal assessment. Each assessment is tailored to the client’s current situation and needs. Assessments may entail one-to-one interviews with a “diagonal slice” of the organization or may consist of a series of facilitated focus group meetings – or both. The client organization receives an analysis of findings from the data-gathering process and specific recommendations from DLI’s experienced assessors. If the organization prefers, findings can be based on Lean/Toyota philosophies and best practices.

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