Executive Coaching

“I worked with Sharon over a 6 month period. What made her coaching super impactful for me was her ability to confront me with the tough questions. She always left me with much to think about, and like all great coaches she doesn’t give you the answer, but she skillfully points you in the right direction”

Paul Whitney, VP HR,
Nimble Storage

“Joyce is a highly effective coach and brings out the best in all of us.”

Sr. Vice President,
Tobacco Products

The world’s most talented, most sought after leaders have achieved success by creating powerful partnerships with great coaches. The Dynamic Links International team brings firsthand knowledge and skills to the coaching initiative.

Coaching is defined by DLI as a developmental, helping relationship between a client who has leadership authority and responsibility and a Coach who uses a wide variety of behavioral techniques and methods to help the Coachee achieve a mutually identified set of goals to improve his/her performance and consequently improve the effectiveness of the organization.

DLI views this process as a highly personalized form of learning. It involves individually helping the designated leader learn to bring about more effective behaviors and higher performance resulting in better business results for the organization. DLI’s High Performance Coaching is concerned with facilitating change and continuous improvement. It involves understanding and capitalizing on an individual’s strengths and recognizing and overcoming his/her challenges.

DLI Coaches often utilize 360 Assessments as a starting point for Coaching. Having specific, current feedback from a boss, direct reports, peers, clients, and others, is important to pinpointing priorities for development through Coaching.

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