The People-Side of Lean

“Joyce was excellent. She gave time and energy to each member of our team. She is patient, knowledgeable and firm. She gives meaning to Care and Dare.”

Vice President,
International Data Systems Company

Foundational to successful Lean Culture change is the understanding of The People-Side of Lean – the Leadership, Development, and Cultural aspects of Lean.

Lean will not succeed without the proper Leadership styles, behaviors, commitment, and involvement from top leaders. DLI members are experienced Lean Coaches with many years of experience in Coaching all levels of leaders. From the C-suite to first-line supervisors, DLI Coaches how to lead in a true Lean culture to achieve high performance.

A Lean Culture will not occur without the proper focus and commitment on Development. Developing people and building talent is essential to a Lean, high performing organization. From the start of employment to retirement, developing the skills and behaviors of all employees both on-the-job and off-the-job is essential. DLI will assist your organization in how to best develop your employees for a successful future and for a high performing Lean Culture.

Critical to the implementation of a Lean, high performing organization is creating and sustaining a Culture that engages employees and brings out the best behaviors and performance. An organization’s culture is the result of the styles and behaviors of the leaders, starting with the executive team. DLI can guide your organization in how to achieve a true Lean high performing culture.