Toyota Production System/Lean

“Sharon did a great job and the content of the course hit home. This is very relevant to what we do. Understanding the psychology of people and how we deal with change enables us to get to root causes and improve the culture for higher performance.”

Sr VP, Pharmaceuticals

“Excellent listening, presence, and feedback. Very open and supportive. I will never forget Sharon’s support.”

Insurance Technologies

“Sharon and Joyce have a command of subject matter. Both are flexible and flow with the needs of the group.”


Many companies are transitioning to Lean methodologies in order to achieve more efficient and profitable business practices. The Lean tools needed to achieve these new practices will not be sustained without a culture of mutual respect in which all employees are engaged to understand and embrace “true” Lean principles and philosophies.

Having worked in a successful true Lean culture at Toyota and implemented Lean principles and transformations in other organizations, Dynamic Links International can provide expert consultation as you create a Lean organization.

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DLI’s expertise lies in the areas of Development and Culture, two foundational pillars of the Toyota Production System. We will partner with you to identify needs, issues and challenges and develop solutions to reduce the gap between what is currently occurring in your organization and your organization’s future state. 

As members of the start-up management team for Toyota’s first North American manufacturing facility in Georgetown, Kentucky, Dynamic Links International has the firsthand experience to guide your organization’s Lean implementation. DLI offers a Four-Phase Lean Implementation Model and Foundational Lean/TPS Courses.