Dynamic Links International – Who We Are

“I was introduced to Sharon and Joyce as part of an advanced leadership program with my company. Over a period of two years, I have been lucky enough to see my leadership skills enhanced immensely through personal coaching with Sharon. Sharon, and the Dynamic Links program, challenged me and stretched me to reach levels of performance that I didn’t think were in me. Through my interactions with Sharon, I am a better leader, my team is performing at all time high levels, and I am a better man.”

Director of Operations,
Transportation Management

Dynamic Links International specializes in maximizing the capabilities of people for high performance. The philosophies and practices of Dynamic Links International are founded in The Toyota Production System (TPS) and in High Performance Leadership. We develop leaders to be intentional and to know how to maximize the capabilities of their people for higher performance . . . to be both Caring and Daring. Only when people are valued and potential unleashed can leaders and organizations achieve higher performance and have a significant competitive advantage.

We believe that the long–term success of any organization is directly linked to people. Organizations that value their people and create a culture of mutual trust and respect will flourish.

DLI’s strengths lie in partnering in the development and implementation of solutions to organizational challenges. Delivered by seasoned Toyota-trained professionals, DLI’s solutions will help your company achieve strategic objectives and drive long-term sustainable results. Combining knowledge from the fields of psychology, sports, leadership, and the latest findings in neuroscience, DLI programs are designed with a practical action learning approach whereby skills and knowledge acquired can be transferred directly to the workplace.